80% of hydraulic system component failures are caused by excess contamination in the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic or fluid power systems can be found on a variety of equipment. Systems range from the relatively simple power steering and transmission of trucks and buses, to the more complex systems found in agricultural, construction, marine and mining applications.

These systems contain precision-machined components that are very sensitive to wear from abrasive particles and need to be protected.

Contaminants can enter hydraulic systems from a number of sources:

Built-in from the manufacture of the system and its components
Quality and cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid used and the filling process
Operational ingress where rams and cylinders are exposed to dusty atmospheres and missing ineffective tank breathers
System generated wear particles
Eliminating contaminants from the onset is preferable through effective maintenance processes, however Cummins Filtration offers a comprehensive range of replacement suction, return, pressure and offline hydraulic filters to cover a variety of applications. We also produce four families of general purpose mix and match spin-on filter heads and filters covering different flow and pressure requirements in a range of filtration efficiencies. Our filters meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers’ specifications and are supported by our unmatched global warranty for your peace of mind

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