Coolants and Chemicals

Coolant Filtration

Water filtration is proven to reduce wear and to maintain effective heat transfer. This is especially important for coolants that stay in the engine longer. Additionally, water filters can provide a convenient and reliable method for delivering supplemental coolant extenders into the cooling system to improve performance and extend coolant service life.  

  • Extended Service Water Filters
  • Standard Service Water Filters
  • Non-Chemical Water Filters

Unmatched Protection 

In addition to providing superior freeze and boil over protection, Fleetguard products protect your engine from the most damaging cooling system problems, including:

  •  Corrosion 
  •  Liner Pitting/Cavitation
  • Scale & Deposits
  • Acidification

Coolants acidify due to the degradation of antifreeze and combustion gases entering the cooling system, which can damage cooling system components. Fleetguard Fully Formulated Coolants buffer the coolant to prevent and neutralize the formation of acids.

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