SDLG Grader


Technical Information

Specifications G9190

Basic Operating Dimensions (mm): (Length x width x Height) 8975 x 2710 x 3240
Overall Dimensions with ripper and front blade mm: (length x width x height) 10350 x 2710 x 3240
Operating Weight (without rear ripper and front Blade) 16000 kg
Operating Wight (Including Rear Ripper and front Blade) 17550 kg
Blade Dimensions mm: (length x height) 3962 x 635
Blade Thickness 22 mm
Blade Tilt Backwards
Blade Tilt Forward 47°
Blade lift above the Ground 445 mm
Drive Hydraulic Torque Converter
Drive tandem oscillation 15°
Engine model: Dalian Deutz – BF6M1013EC
Maximum Torque 710 Nm@1500rpm
Flywheel power 146 kW@2200 rpm
Front axle oscillation 16°
Front wheel lean 18°
Maximum Speed (km/hr) 38 fwd/ 23 rev
No. of Gears 6 fwd/ 3 rev
Transmission type Fixed shaft power shift
Transmission make ZF
Maximum steering range 50 left/right
Minimum turning radius 7600 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 270 L

Product Brochure – G9190 (eng):