Truck Mixers

Liebherr build truck mixers to-measure. In accordance with customer requirements regarding chassis, nominal size, design, paintjob and accessories, Liebherr provide a tailor-made solution to every type of application. Advantages of the Liebherr-truck mixer amount to an optimum utility value for more profit.

Advantages of the Liebherr truck mixers for the highest gain:

  • Optimum travel behaviour due to low centre of gravity, low constructional height
  • Great volumetric capacity, expansive areas for mixing, important for flowing mortar, standard consistency, intermixing of admixtures and conveying up inclinations
  • High number of spiral turns and low degree of filling for optimum mix properties
  • Mono-bearing arm with pivoting chute in enclosed design, can be swung away completely allowing optimum accessibility and easy cleaning
  • Less contamination due to smooth surfaces
  • Larger discharge hopper, adjustable and removable
  • Rear wheel mudguard in sectional design
  • Hydraulics and gears with torque reserves
  • Very serviceable due to compact oil-cooling system featuring suction filter system , thermostat-regulated and drain valve for drip-free oil change
  • Long drum life-expectancy due to wear-resistant special steel LH 37 and welded-on wear protection on the spirals