The new generation two-cycle rammer with separate oil lubrication

The two-cycle rammers from the i-series have all of the advantages of the new generation of the classic two-cycle rammers by Wacker Neuson. With the separate oil lubrication, they also offer a work-load reduction: Pre-mixing is no longer necessary due to the two separate tanks for fuel and two-cycle oil. The fluids are filled separately and the patented oil lubrication system automatically generates the correct gasoline/oil mixing ratio. This leads to an optimal combustion process and reduces combustion residues. The rammers of the i-series are available in three weight classes.

  • Improved four-stage air cleaner system for longer service lives
  • New ergonomic handle with sturdy protective side plate for an improved machine control and longer service life
  • Larger oil tank for up to 100 hours of running time
  • Higher transport lug: Makes transporting even easier
  • Automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of idling time

Technical specifications

BS 50-2iBS 60-2iBS 70-2i
Operating data 
Operating weight kg596674
Ramming shoe size (WxL) * mm280 x 330280 x 330280 x 330
L x W x H  mm673 x 343 x 940673 x 343 x 965673 x 343 x 965
Percussion rate max.blows/min700700650
Stroke on the ramming shoe mm648065
Engine / Motor 
Engine / Motor type Air-cooled, single cylinder, two-cycle gasoline engineAir-cooled, single cylinder, two-cycle gasoline engineAir-cooled, single cylinder, two-cycle gasoline engine
Engine / Motor manufacturer Wacker NeusonWacker NeusonWacker Neuson
Engine / Motor WM 80WM 80WM 80
Displacement  cm³808080
Fuel consumption l/h11.21.4
Operating performance (DIN ISO 3046) kW1.71.82
at rpm  rpm4,4004,4004,400
Tank capacity (fuel)l333
Gasoline / oil mixture 120:1120:1120:1

Four-cycle rammer: Long service life and low oil consumption

The outstanding features of Wacker Neuson’s four-cycle rammers are the compact design and strong performance. The long shoe stroke, high percussion rate and high stroke energy combined with fast advance travel achieve excellent results. The Four-cycle rammer are available with Wacker Neuson WM 100 or Honda GX 100 four-cycle gasoline engine for strong performance.

  • Engine with ample reserve: Under normal operating conditions the robust WM 100 engine functions well below its maximum capacity, protecting the engine and thus increasing its service life.
  • Low oil protection: The WM 100 has a LED indicator that lights up if the rammer is started with insufficient oil levels, and the engine shuts down automatically after 10 seconds to prevent engine damage. The Honda GX 100 oil status detector prevents the engine from starting with low oil level.
  • A unique four-stage air filtration system provides a virtually dust-free engine for longer life and improved durability. The system includes a last chance filter that protects the engine during air filter maintenance.
  • Simple operation of two and four strokers: The integrated fuel valve in the throttle means that there is only one lever for acceleration and shut-off.

Technical specifications

Operating data 
Operating weight kg63647171.6
Ramming shoe size (WxL)  mm280 x 337280 x 337280 x 336280 x 336
L x W x H  mm673 x 343 x 940673 x 343 x 940673 x 343 x 965673 x 343 x 965
Stroke at the ramming shoemm66566979
Percussion rate max.blows/min684680680690
Operating speed m/min7.67.58.547
Surface capacity – Compactionm²/h127123143.3118
Engine / Motor 
Engine / Motor type WM 100GX 100WM 100GX 100
Engine / Motor manufacturer Wacker NeusonHondaWacker NeusonHonda
Engine / Motor air-cooled single-cylinder four-cycle gasoline engineair-cooled single-cylinder four-cycle gasoline engineair-cooled single-cylinder four-cycle gasoline engineair-cooled single-cylinder four-cycle gasoline engine
Displacement cm³97989798
Operating performance kW2.382.382.382.38
at rpm  rpm4,2004,2004,2004,200
Fuel consumption l/h1.
Tank capacity (fuel)l3333

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